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For The Daily Journal, covering of local high school and college sports teams is as important as covering the pros. So the paper uses Soho Media to treat those leagues just like the pros.

The flagship paper of Small Newspaper Group, The Daily Journal uses Soho Media’s Prep Score Center™ CMS to manage schedules, results, box scores and leaderboards for football, basketball, baseball and soccer teams at 24 high schools and two colleges. Preformatted, customized Page Ready™ files are then delivered to newsroom and used on agate pages six days a week.

Perhaps the biggest benefit for The Daily Journal comes on busy Friday nights, when reporters enter the results of high school football and basketball games into the Prep Score Center™, often at a frantic pace to beat deadlines. Once the game data is saved, box scores and updated standings are delivered in 1-2 minutes, allowing the paper to work with efficiency right up until the last possible minute. With that data, individual and team leaderboards are built at the same time, ready for use that night or in editions later in the week.

That focus on local high schools and colleges has given The Daily Journal the reputation as one of the best in Illinois for local sports coverage.

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