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Enhanced NHL Summaries

Enhanced NHL Summaries, Player Cards Launch on La Presse+


TORONTO — Soho Media Solutions, the leader in real-time sports data publishing solutions, has added even more depth to its NHL game summaries and player cards on La Presse’s tablet app, La Presse+.

Game summaries now include visualization that shows every shot on goal. Each box score page has three new tabs — shots on goal, offensive zone activity and goal scored — which allow users to see the precise location of every shot in every NHL game. Users can then filter the shots by team, player, period and see exactly where each goal was scored.

Game summary exampletargetBlanck

Individual player cards feature similar visualization that allows users to see the precise location for every shot on goal and every goal scored for every player in the league over the course of the season. For goalies, users can see every goal allowed.

For each player, users can filter shots and goals by period and date, and each goal includes its date, period, time and opponent.

Player card example 1targetBlanck

Player card example 2 (goalie)targetBlanck

La Presse has earned international recognition for its tablet app, La Presse+, which has been downloaded more than 430,000 times. It uses Soho Media’s Multiplex™ solution to bring live sports data for 33 leagues across nine sports to its audience.

Founded in 2000, Soho Media innovates at the intersection of sports, advertising and cross-platform publishing. Its latest offering, InGame.Ad™, is a digital advertising platform that serves real-time ads triggered by live sporting events.

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