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Soho Media’s InGame.Ad™ is a programmatic platform that displays real-time advertising triggered by live sporting events.


In a declining CPM market, InGame.Ad™ generates new revenue for publishers through premium sponsorships. And in an age of consumer distraction, InGame.Ad™ expands maximizes brands’ reach and visibility, allowing them to tailor their messages around sports and deliver them in real time by owning moments that matter most.


How InGame.Ad™ works is simple:



1. The publisher and brand create an ad campaign



2. Individual sporting events trigger ads in real time



3. Users are shown news alerts with the brand’s message


What sets InGame.Ad™ apart? Because live sports data is so granular, campaigns can reach new levels of creativity. Campaigns can be built around a particular team’s success, serving ads with each score, victory, shutout, 100-point game, move up and down the standings. They can also revolve around particular players, delivering ads with each goal, home run and touchdown.


What’s more, InGame.Ad™ can display ads to all users or target fans of particular teams or leagues, enabling even higher-value campaigns. They can be delivered on all pages or a site, or just particular sections; and on multiple sites at the same time, with the goal of driving traffic to a sports-centric property.


InGame.Ad™ also solves several of the problems plaguing today’s digital advertising industry. Because the ads can drop down from the top of the page or temporarily replace existing ad units as an overlay, visibility is guaranteed. And ads work across all platforms: desktop, tablet, mobile, iOS, Android.




InGame.Ad™ is both fully customizable — creative are built with HTML5 and CSS3 — and fully secure, using HTTPS/SSL and complying with IAB Safe Frame standards. Setup is easy, too. On the publisher side, there’s no change to the way ads are booked, and integration is as simple as a copy and past of JavaScript code on host pages.


And the best part: InGame.Ad™ is a revenue-share product, meaning there are no subscription costs and no setup fees. Your success is our success, so we’re committed to making InGame.Ad™ profitable for everyone.


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