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Soho Media’s Page Ready™ system is the most efficient sports agate pagination solution on the market.


We deliver, in real time, customized, preformatted files that flow onto your pages with a simple drag and drop. No scripts, no style sheets, no touchups needed.


Page Ready™ offers several advantages over traditional content providers and pagination methods, including:




• Dropbox integration, which syncs files across multiple workstations and provides an alert when files are updated
• New levels of content customization, including options for language, time zone and display names for team and stats
• Design flexibility, with multiple versions of the same or similar files (ex. six- and seven-column grids, standard vs. expanded box scores and standings, etc.)
• Easy navigation, which prevents paginators swimming through a sea of unwanted options in a wire feed to find a specific file
• Emphasis on local, with a deeper level of individual and team stats for hometown teams
• Custom files, when the ones from traditional services aren’t exactly what you want




Page Ready™ is compatible with InDesign, Quark and other pagination software.

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