Soho Media Solutions | Prep Score Center
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Soho Media’s Prep Score Center™ is a sports data CMS that brings a pro level of coverage to your local high school, college, youth, club and minor leagues.

Prep Score Center™ allow publishers to create schedules, rosters, standings, box scores and leaderboards, all in one place. Manage just a single team or every team in the league, and create multiple accounts for as many reporters, editors, coaches and team managers as needed.


Then leverage Soho Media’s proprietary software to publish a full slate of content: team-by-team schedules and results; expanded standings and box scores; and detailed leaderboards for both team and individual players.

Because it’s a browser-based application, Prep Score Center™ works equally well on Mac and Windows platforms and across all devices, which makes it easy to capture game data from the sidelines, press box or bleachers.

Coupled with Soho Media’s Page Ready™ or Multiplex™ solution, Prep Score Center™ is a powerful local content-generating engine for print or digital platforms.