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Soho Media Solutions Partners with Yahoo Canada

Soho Media Solutions Partners with Yahoo Canada To Display Ads Triggered By Real-Time Events

TORONTO, Ontario (January 13, 2016)
Soho Media Solutions announced today a partnership with Yahoo Canada to use Soho Media’s advertising platform, InGame.Ad, to display digital ads triggered by real-time events across Yahoo properties in Canada.

The partnership allows Yahoo Canada to offer additional premium sponsorships to its advertisers and generate new ad revenue.

“The heart of InGame.Ad is harnessing the power of real-time data and combining it with dynamic creative to deliver an engaging ad experience,”
said Guillaume Delannoy, Soho Media Solutions CEO. “It’s all about delivering the right message to the right audience at the right time.”
With InGame.Ad, Yahoo Canada can display rich media ads triggered by real-time data like sports scores, financial market indices and changing weather conditions. Canadian advertisers can set up ad campaigns to run against these triggers and serve them cross platform.
“Brands are looking for creative ways to engage consumers, on desktop and mobile, and InGame.Ad is a vehicle that does that for our clients,” said Claude Galipeau, Country Manager, Yahoo Canada.
InGame.Ad’s list of triggers also includes tweets, which allow brands to sponsor breaking news via a dedicated Twitter account; and video uploads, which allow publishers to display video content from YouTube and other platforms.
InGame.Ad can use the real-time data as both a trigger and as content included in the creative. The result is advertising that adapts in real time and provides the most relevant message based on the audience’s circumstances.
InGame.Ad easily integrates with a variety of ad servers and is both IAB compliant and SafeFrame compatible.
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